Art + Design Institute
Southern Virginia University

Live your faith.

At Southern Virginia University, over 90% of our students are Latter-day Saints and more than 1-in-3 students are returned missionaries. We are also home to the largest Institute of Religion on the East Coast.

Design your experience.

We are committed to helping you pursue your interests and achieve your goals. With custom career counseling and concentrations geared towards art and design careers, you decide where your art degree will take you.

Personalize your path.

Our versatile academic core coupled with personal attention from caring faculty will help you achieve your full potential—not just as an artist, but as an individual. You will graduate as an artist or designer who can think, write, and create.

Explore the East Coast and beyond.

Southern Virginia University is within hours of world-class destinations including Washington D.C. (3 hrs), Philadelphia (5 hrs), and New York (6 hrs.). Our nationally recognized Travel-Study program will take you to some of the greatest museums and cities in the world.

Earn a scholarship.

95% of eligible Southern Virginia University students earn an academic, talent, or need-based scholarship or grant. Art majors in the Art + Design Institute can earn up to $2,000 in annual scholarships.

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pens Illustration by Corey Egbert Museums Professor Crawford Tuscon House bookmaking Sainte-Chapelle Professor Himes Megan Reynolds self-portrait National Gallery of Art

Pens are friends. Students personalize their space in the art studio with tools of the trade.

Digital illustration by Corey Egbert, alumnus, current instructor, and children's author.

Students take frequent day-trips to art museums throughout the East Coast.

Professor Crawford takes her students on a field trip to her personal studio for some inspiration.

The Tuscon House on the Southern Virginia University campus was the former residence of Cy Twombly and is now the home of the Institute.

Products from a summer bookmaking class.

Art students visited Sainte-Chapelle during a recent photography study abroad in Paris.

Professors work with students one-on-one and get to know them personally.

Self-portrait by art student Megan Reynolds.

Art students getting some face time in the archive rooms at the National Gallery of Art.