Art + Design Institute
Southern Virginia University


Southern Virginia University offers Art + Design scholarships to applying students who exhibit exceptional work ethic and potential for growth as artists or designers. Art + Design scholarships are available to any student, regardless of their intended major.

Art + Design Scholarship Application

  1. Cover Letter

    Submit a 250-500 word cover letter describing your goals as an artist or designer, how a scholarship will help you achieve these goals, and why you should be considered for an Art+Design Scholarship.

  2. Portfolio

    Provide 10-15 examples of your best work. You may bring a physical portfolio to campus or submit a collection of digital images showcasing your work (this may be a PDF, website, or shared folder).

  3. Interview

    After reviewing your application, a representative will contact you to schedule a face-to-face interview. This interview can be done in person or via video chat.

Email your cover letter and digital portfolio to if you are unable to bring these application materials to campus.

To Maintain Your Scholarship Annually

*Faculty may approve art “involvements” not listed in the University Catalog.